Licence of Texturebox Assets

What are the guidelines for using Texturebox Assets and the Texturebox Website?

Texturebox’s license and Terms and Conditions (TECO) grant members the ability to make use of the products for personal, educational, or commercial purposes as long as those purposes are in accordance with member’s license type and do not violate TECO, for example:

You may not resell, redistribute, or repackage the assets

You may not use the assets in a competitive use case

You may not use the assets to create a logo or trademark of any kind (Previously copyrighted logos and trademarks can be rendered using our assets, but that version may not be then copyrighted)

Can I use Free Assets for commercial purposes?

You can use our Free assets for commercial purposes if you have a indie, professional or studio subscription, or have purchased credit packs.

Can I use texturebox non-free Assets for commercial purposes?

Yes, provided the assets are purchased with a Subscription plan or On-demand credit pack that comes with a Commercial License (Professional plan, Team plan, or Credit Packs) and adhere to all other TECO.

Examples of commercial purposes include Archviz client renders, marketing website images, product visualizations, YouTube videos, commercial video game development, etc.

If the assets can be accessed or extracted from your product, then you must include a text license containing the words “Contains assets from - Assets may not be redistributed”.

Any listing for sale must also include the text (with hyperlink when possible):

"Contains textures from"




Can I use the assets after my paid membership has ended?

Yes! Once you have downloaded them, you can use them when needed. However all usage, whether your subscription is active or expired, must fall within all of our TECO and also within your plan's limits (eg. Hobby plans do not have a commercial license).


Can I use texturebox assets in work licensed via Creative Commons/Open Source Software, game mods, game maps or game add-ons?

If any usage and redistribution of texturebox assets are involved, then unfortunately no. This is explicitly prohibited by our Terms and Conditions.

Can I redistribute or resell texturebox assets?

Unfortunately no. Redistribution of texturebox assets is expressly prohibited by our TECO. If you are interested in a Custom Studio License allowing for redistribution, please contact Support and tell us about your use case.

Can I import the assets into a "CUSTOM" scene and sell in Stores? (TurboSquid, UnrealEngine Marketplace, Unity Asset Store etc.)

Unfortunately no, this is considered redistribution as both textures and models will be included in the distribution of the sample scene.


Can I modify textures and sell them as my own or can I use textures to create a shader and sell the shader?

Unfortunately no. This is considered redistribution or competitive use and is expressly prohibited by our Terms and Conditions.

Can I embed texturebox textures in my model or scene that I sell or redistribute?

Yes, provided your end product is not intended to be a bundled release of our textures (eg. creating a scene file that contains multiple texturebox materials with the intention of it being a material library).

Can I embed texturebox models into a scene that I sell or redistribute?

Unfortunately no. The texturebox models in a project file usually attributes to a lot of it’s value, so we cannot allow redistribution of this kind.

See our Terms and Conditions

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